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Keep a pulse on your Shopify business,
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Bring your key sales and marketing metrics
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Net Sales
x 8.1
Blended ROAS
Blended CAC
Conversion Rate
Sales from Emails
Total Ad Spend
Lifetime Gross Margin
GA Sessions
x 7.8
Blended POAS
Sales from Ads
Facebook Ad Spend

All Your Marketing Metrics,
Finally Together

Your marketing data, transformed and displayed into clear yet powerful charts.
Now you know how your marketing is performing.

A full
Profit & Loss

Add and integrate your costs, from COGS to marketing spend, in order to build out a true financial model of your business.

Know how much your customers are worth

How does the Lifetime Gross Margin of my customers look like ?
What products give the best Lifetime value ?
Does Discount Code reduce my LTV ?

With Lifetime Value report, take a deep dive into your customer repurchasing behavior.

Find which products drives up your LTV

Discover and compare which product, when first bought, drives the higher lifetime value. Then focus your marketing efforts on them.

Invite all your teammates

Share your dashboard with team members, contractors, or investors. Give visibility on your most important KPIs and align your team on what's next.

Receive your report by email

Get your daily or weekly report straight in your inbox, customized to your needs.

Data to answer each question,
with confidence


Sales attributed to ads
Blended CAC
Blended ROAS
Ad Spend
Blended Profit On Ad Spend
Conversion Rate
Sales attributed to emails
Breakdown for
Google Ads
Tiktok Ads

Profit & Loss

Ad Spend
Average Order Value
AOV per products
Average Gross Margin
Top Performing Products
Refund Rate
Refund Value

Lifetime Value

Lifetime Value
Lifetime Gross Margin
Lifetime Order Count
Lifetime Value based on  first product bought
Lifetime Value based on discount received
Returning Customers Rate

Finally, an easy way to get your most important metrics.

A simpler alternative to:

Spreadsheets from hell

If you've tried compiling all your data into a spreadsheet,
you know how tedious and frustrating it can be.

Hiring a Data Scientist

Sure, a data scientist could assist in extracting and processing all your data for you. But at what cost ?

Other Web tools

Such as Google Data Studio and Super Metrics are expensive and need a technical setup. Key metrics such as customer lifetime value (LTV) are also missing.

Connect your tools in 1 click

No technical setup, no engineering required.
Just click on a button, and boom. You're all set.


Snapchat Ads

Facebook Ads

Google Ads

Tik Tok Ads

Google Analytics

Pinterest Ads


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pricing ?

We are currently in early access. The pricing has not been defined yet, but will probably be between $19 and $79 for most stores (based on order volume).

Tip : Early access users will get a fat discount when product will be launched.

Do you store customer data ?

All data is stored anonymously. We store some data about orders, customers and transactions to calculate metrics such as LTV, AOV, or Gross Margins.

Is there a setup fee ?

Nope. Not at all.
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