Bring all your sales
and marketing metrics, in one dashboard.

Baqs is the ecommerce analytics that make your store performance easy to track.

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Know your business metrics
in real-time

A complete set of dashboards for everything from Conversion Rate, to Global Return On Ads Spend.

Know what your customers are worth

Have access to customer lifetime value data, and how it's trending over time.

Finally, an easy way to get your most important metrics.

A simpler alternative to:

Spreadsheets from hell

If you've tried compiling all your data into a spreadsheet,
you know how tedious and frustrating it can be.

Hiring a Data Scientist

Sure, a data scientist could assist in extracting and processing all your data for you. But at what cost ?

Other Web tools

Such as Google Data Studio and Super Metrics are expensive and need a technical setup. Key metrics such as customer lifetime value (LTV) are also missing.

Connect with your tools in just 2 clicks

Get your key metrics now

You’ll have insight into key metrics such as ROAS, CAC, AOV, and LTV across all your advertising channels and online stores.
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